Episode 13 – Concessions

Sam waxes philosophical about apologies, concessions, and the need to be right.

References an interview with Dallin Oaks, the King James Bible, and this quote by Jules Renard:


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Episode 11 – Shame Cycle

Sam reads an essay on Shame, and the peculiar cycle that perpetrates through fundamentalist religion, and particularly relates it to the report from Mama Dragons about LGBT suicides since the November policy release.

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Background Music by Sandeep Bhandari

Episode 5 – Making Adult Decisions

During our first recording session, Sam, Larissa, and Devin sat down to discuss some of the growing up we have to do after leaving a fundamentalist religion. From small decisions like what to wear, or what movies to watch, to the big-picture of morality, we talk about some of what is required to normalize after striking out on your own.

in·fan·til·ize (ĭn′fən-tl-īz′, ĭn-făn′-)
1. To treat or condescend to as if still a young child: “The Victorian physician infantilized his patient” (Judith Moore).
2. To reduce to an infantile state or condition: “It creates a crisis that infantilizes them—causes grown men to squabble like kids about trivial things” (New Yorker).

Episode 3 – Holidays with Believing Family

Sam, Larissa, and Devin are also joined by Scott; this week we’re discussing the Holidays with your believing family. Some are passive-aggressive, and some are outright shunning; hopefully you can set some boundaries and enjoy your holiday anyway.

Episode 1 – Redefining Apostate

Sam is joined by Apostates Larissa and Devin to discuss the word “Apostate”. We talk about the word’s origins, how it has been/is used in the Mormon Community, and about the idea of reappropriating the word for ourselves.