Welcome to Apostasy! It’s dangerous to go alone… and that’s the reason for this podcast. We’ll be talking about important points on the path to recovery, everything from depression or dealing with believing family members to trying your first cup of coffee.

Right now most of us involved in the podcast came from Mormonism, but we’re focused on any and all recovery from fundamentalist religion.

A few points about the podcast:

Sundays – Episodes come out Sundays (specifically Saturday night)

Short – Less than 30 minutes is the goal. Either by keeping the discussion tight or through the magic of editing, we want to keep the content succinct.

Recovery – Although rehashing aspects of Mormonism/Religion, deconstructing history, or discussing news will definitely be a part of the podcast, the end focus is on recovery and moving forward.

Feel free to come by and ask a question you would like addressed on the ‘cast.