Episode 9 – ExMormon Pharisees

Devin, Larissa, and Scott are back to discuss ExMormon Pharisees – those self-righteous, “I left the church before it was cool” morality hipsters. Don’t let them ruin heathenism for the rest of us!

Episode 8 – My Believing Spouse

Because she is always willing to help someone in need, Sam’s wife did this interview to offer her perspective on what it’s like to love someone who is going through a faith crisis.

Episode 7 – The Marriage Crisis

Sam talks about the marriage scare that sometimes comes with a faith crisis, and about his own experiences considering divorce.

Book: Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay by Mira Kirshenbaum

Episode 6 – Sam’s Mental Health

Sam talks about some of the Mental Health issues he has struggled with, and what he has learned in the process – before and after his faith crisis.