Episode 22 – State of the Podcast

It’s a MetaCast with Sam; a short episode that discusses the purpose, goals, and aim of the podcast, with a final call to action: Let us know how we’re doing!

Episode 21 – HDR

Sam relates HDR Photography with the shifting of perspectives post-religion, and tries to tackle the beast of existential angst.

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Episode 19 – Cold Feet-First

Sam talks about Social Anxiety and it’s role in the post-religious experience.

Listener mail from Ken Armstrong at The Marshall Project, who worked on An Unbelievable Story of Rape. Thanks Ken!

This episode was partially inspired by this episode of Developer Tea. And by those pantsers from Boy Scout Camp. You know who you are, Daniel.

Episode 18 – Critical Thinking 101.

Still a little tipsy from the last episode, Larissa leads the crew in a discussion about Critical Thinking – a basic overview of Philosophy, Rhetoric, Logic, and Logical Fallacies.


Episode 13 – Concessions

Sam waxes philosophical about apologies, concessions, and the need to be right.

References an interview with Dallin Oaks, the King James Bible, and this quote by Jules Renard:


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